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Honey Bunny's World

Linking people with their experiences. A journey to create silver jewelry that fuses design and technology with real meaning.

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We weld emotions

At Honey Bunny, our goal is to provide high-quality, affordable luxury jewelry that is imbued with meaning, connecting people to special moments and celebrating joy to the fullest. We aim to redefine jewelry by incorporating unique technology and design to create pieces that become treasures for a lifetime.

Our Team

Honey Bunny began with a love story between Luis and Yvonne, two passionate individuals about design and innovation. What started as the creation of a unique engagement ring turned into a brand that captures the 'effervescent joy' of life in every piece of jewelry. Their focus on design, technology, and affordable luxury has become a haven of happiness for those seeking special gifts and unique experiences. Each creation by Honey Bunny is a celebration of joy and a guardian of significant moments in people's lives. With their in-house production workshop and a steadfast commitment to innovation, Honey Bunny stands out as a unique jewelry brand, offering its customers an authentic connection to the joy and excitement of life.


Experience the effervescent joy at Honey Bunny.

Create innovative, silver .925 jewelry concepts that blend the beauty of the analog with the digital. Generating a connection between each piece of jewelry and the significant moments of their owners, creating authentic experiences for those who appreciate the unique and genuine.

To be the pioneering jewelry brand that combines affordable luxury and technology through design, creating concepts that unite people with unforgettable experiences and celebrating joy at every stage of life.


- Integrity

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