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Unicus: AI Silver Jewelry

Our latest collection blends craftsmanship with a touch of artificial intelligence. Each piece is personalized with an AI-created pattern based on answers you provide in a questionnaire. The pieces are crafted with our hands, utilizing digital fabrication, artisanal methods, and fueled by you.

Campaign begins December 2023

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How are Unicus jewelry pieces made?

Unicus jewelry combines cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship, utilizing .925 silver as the base material. Intricate designs hidden within each piece are unveiled with movement, celebrating individuality. Our process includes computer design, 3D printing, and the lost-wax technique.

How can I personalize my Unicus jewelry?

You can customize your Unicus jewelry by completing a questionnaire that helps our AI create unique patterns and colors tailored to your preferences.

Can I modify my questionnaire responses for my customized jewelry?

After receiving your reward, you'll have the opportunity to visit our website and update your questionnaire responses. We'll provide you with three pattern options to choose from. Once we receive your choice, we'll add it to your order and send it accordingly.

What are the shipping details for Unicus jewelry?
We take great care in preparing your orders, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. Each package includes a bunny-shaped fabric bag, an entertaining activities book, and a product guarantee. 

Are there specific care instructions for Unicus jewelry?

To maintain the shine of your Unicus jewelry, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place and avoiding contact with harsh chemicals or substances. These simple steps will help preserve the beauty of your pieces for years to come.

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